7 Productivity Hacks Every Slack User Should Know

Slack is a potent communication tool that can foster better teamwork and communication. However, did you know there are a number of productivity tips and tricks that will help you make even better use of Slack? We'll look at seven productivity tips that every Slack user should be aware of in this article.

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time when navigating Slack. Here are some essential keyboard shortcuts you should know:

  • Command + K: Opens the channel or direct message search bar.
  • Command + Shift + T: Reopens the last closed conversation.
  • Command + Shift + F: Opens the advanced search dialog box.
  • Option + Arrow Keys: Navigate between conversations or channels.
  • Command + T: Opens a new direct message.
  • Command + Shift + L: Opens the quick switcher to jump between channels.

These are just a few of the numerous keyboard shortcuts that Slack offers. Click on the gear button in the upper right corner of Slack and choose "Keyboard Shortcuts" to view the complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

Use Keyboard Maestro if you want even more control over your keyboard shortcuts. A Mac productivity app called Keyboard Maestro enables you to design unique keyboard shortcuts for any task on your computer, including launching Slack.

2. Set Reminders

You can establish reminders for yourself or other team members using Slack's built-in reminder feature. Simply write "/remind" followed by the message and time you wish to be reminded to set a reminder. For instance, the command "/remind me to call John at 3pm" will send you a reminder to call John at that time.

You may also establish regular reminders, such as "/remind me to check the sales report every weekday at 10am."

3. Pin Important Messages

Important conversations can be pinned to the top of a channel or direct message in Slack. This is particularly useful for remembering announcements or critical information. You can pin a message by clicking the "..." button next to it and choosing "Pin to #channel" or "Pin to conversation."

4. Use Slackbot to Automate Tasks

A built-in Slack product called Slackbot can automate processes for you and help you save time. For instance, you can configure Slackbot to deliver a message to a channel at a specific time each day or to automatically remind team members to submit their weekly reports.

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of Slack and choose "Set up a Slackbot automation" to do so.

5. Customize Notifications

You can tailor your Slack notifications so that you only get alerts for the messages that are most essential to you. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of Slack, then "Preferences," and then choose "Notifications" to personalize your notifications.

From there, you may choose the message kinds and notification methods (such as push notifications, email alerts, etc.) that you wish to be informed about.

6. Use Slack for Project Management

When utilized properly, Slack may be a potent project management tool. You can invite team members to join channels you develop for particular projects. This keeps all project-related communication in one location and enables real-time project collaboration for everyone.

To create tasks and projects directly from Slack, you can also utilize third-party Slack integrations like Trello or Asana.

7. Utilize Slack’s Search Function

Utilizing the robust search feature in Slack is another approach to increase productivity. By using precise keywords or phrases, you may find any message, file, or discussion quickly. Simply click the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of the Slack window to begin a search.

From there, you can type any search term, such as a person's name, a word, or a phrase, into the search field. You can further refine your search using Slack's search tool by channel, date range, and content type (such as messages, files, etc.).

8. Customize Your Notifications

If not set up properly, Slack's notifications can be a significant distraction. Thankfully, you can alter your notification preferences to reduce distractions and boost productivity.

Go to your Slack preferences and select the "Notifications" tab to personalize your notifications. You can then modify the sound and visual settings, configure notification schedules, and select the channels and phrases that cause notifications.

You may reduce interruptions during concentrated work sessions while ensuring that you only receive notifications for the most crucial communications and tasks by customizing your notification settings.


Slack is a very potent tool that may boost productivity and communication among teams. By putting these seven productivity tips into practice, you can speed up your workday, save time, and maintain focus on what's important.

Don't forget to use keyboard shortcuts, integrate third-party apps, use Keyboard Maestro to build shortcuts, use built-in Slack tools, and configure your notifications. You'll be well on your way to developing into a Slack power user once you have these productivity tips in your toolkit.